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The Written Face for SU-EN
Uppsala Art Museum

28.01.2012 - 28.01.2012

Performances as a part of opening ceremony - VISCERAL SPACE: Cassius Åkerlund, Johannes Bergmark, Lee Berwick, Joan Laage, Stuart Lynch, Irma Optimist, Sören Runolf, Miloš Šejn

Milos Sejn: The Written Face for SU-EN, performance as a part of opening ceremony - VISCERAL SPACE, January 28; white rose, colour pencils, chair, body, blood, voice, singing

"bílé plátky
růže plátky
white petals
rose petals
through my body
like bright stars

This year SU-EN Butoh Company celebrates 20 years of artistic activities!
The company was founded in Tokyo in 1992, after SU-EN recieved her name from Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo through the performance Kaze no Cho.

This will be manifested through an art exhibition at Uppsala Art Museum – Visceral Space. There will be several rooms that SU-EN and collaboration partners fill with installations based on some of the company´s major pieces and projects. Most welcome to the exhibition!
We also release a catalogue mapping the 20 years, designed by Gunnar H Stening. The catalogue is available for free and can be ordered by e-mail:

January 28 – March 11, Visceral Space - exhibition at Uppsala Art Museum
Installations based on previous works SLICE, Scrap Bodies, Blush, Chicken Life and more. Collaboration partners for the exhibition is Skrotcentralen i Uppsala AB, Gunnar H Stening, Rickard Sporrong, Lee Berwick, (UK) Junichi Kakizaki (Japan), Fredrik Olofsson and Lise-Lotte Norelius.

Live events during the exhibition period:
January 28, 12 pm – OPENING 0F EXHIBITION, 15:00 opening speech, 16:00 Scrap Event outside the Art Museum, crane trucks and welders
February 18, Body Art performance installation in the SLICE room, with SU-EN
February 29, lecture artist talk by SU-EN and improvisation with Marie Gavois & Gustav Franklin
March 11, END, Blush action painting event, with SU-EN Butoh Company, 3 dancers and Lise-Lotte Norelius

A study for The Written Face, January 20, 2012

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