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Branches | Nature art – variations
M Ü C S A R N O K | kunsthalle Budapest

26.07.2016 - 16.10.2016

Curated by John K. Grande, Katalin Keserü & Mahmoud Maktabi

Artists: Peter Agnes, Peter Alpar, Chris Booth, Imre Bukta, Barna Eltes, Olafur Eliasson, Firman Djamil, Ferenc Varga, Colin Foster, Hamish Fulton, Antony Gormley, Yolanda Gutierrez, Alois Lindenbauer, Ryszard Litwiniuk, Mary Miss, Karin van der Molen, Henrique Oliveira, Pilar Ovalle, Atilla Pokorny, Milos Sejn, Imre Makovecz, Ichi Ikeda, Nils-Udo, Bob Verschueren, Linda Taylor, Villo Turcsanyi, Urs Twellmann, Jerilea Zempel

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Small Gestures is a multi-dimensional show of some 45 Hungarian and International artists and groups who explore our relatedness to nature, through materials and various processes and conceptions. They are active in the urban and the rural environment. Embracing themes of society and community, material and context, utopia, myth & performance and earth works, Small Gestures, has great breadth as a show including works from North and South America, Japan, Indonesia, and well as Eastern and Western Europe. 
To touch the earth is a small gesture, as deep in its resonance as it is universal and historically persistent. What we find in exploring the range of artists collaborations (and performances) is that we all share something in common. Even as we speak of cultural diversity the common thread linking our societal structures, our myths and aesthetic constructs is nature. A continuity and resonance can be felt as we explore the incredible range of ways artists interpret their sense of place, identity and community in our times. On site works will likewise be produced as various locations in and outside Budapest. Performance by Ichi Ikeda in the autumn will compliment the Small Gestures theme with the persistence of actions in the here and now.
As Small Gestures evidences, new connectivities and approaches are producing an aesthetic that combines processes and techniques from the past, yet hybridizing these, are part of an evolution of global art practise that is rooted in place, community, and with bio-specific and geo-specific language of expression that can re-unite us with the earth – our home.

John Grande

The Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle) in Budapest, the most significant Hungarian exhibition space for contemporary art, is organising an international nature art exhibition called Small Gestures in summer 2016. The exhibition will be curated by professor emeritus Katalin Keserü and curator/art critic John K. Grande. The show will feature works made of material from nature, and some of them will have been made in the exhibition space. One crucial priority in selecting the artists was that the works should be entirely new and modern. The curators have planned to invite forty artists. The catalogue, to be produced in conjunction with the exhibition, will deal with, among other things, the historical aspects of nature/land/eco art
Milos Sejn: Black Mirror, 2013, proposed installation

Milos Sejn: Solar Mountain, 2014
Milos Sejn: Solar Mountain, 2014 / videopresentation

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