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The Olomouc Centre for Ecological Activities

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for artists and dancers exploring the relation between body, art and landscape led by Frank van de Ven and Milos Sejn / guest artist Günter Heinz 

02.08.2017 - 10.08.2017

Viktor Fucek's exhibition, "Space in between", is a selection of his personal exploration over the last two years. His interest focuses mainly on painting and translations into other artistic fields. Fucek's approach can not be clearly defined in relation to the medium, it creates a penetration between the different categories of art in order to finally create an organic whole. The name of the exhibition itself suggests that the relationship between the two is not solved as something that is composed of elements but as a thing that takes place in the imagination of the person who experiences these elements.

Viktor Fucek (1977) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the STU and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the ateliers of Miloš Šejn and Tomáš Vaněk. He graduated from the Art School of the Australian National University and participated at the Ilona Nemet Studio at VŠVU. In 2014, he was the finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize and the Oskar Čepan Prize in 2015.
After years of exploring the interface of media, especially video, text, and installations, his attention nowadays fits into expressions on the interface of a process of recording and painting. Equally important as the relationship "inside" and "out" is in his paintings the immediate time and the organic process of creation.
It reflects the truly living experience of man, man in confrontation with the present world. Intuitive searching for the essence of recording does not lead to the closest possible options and means. They create an overlapping subjective dialogue with any seismological delimitation of human layers.
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Milos Sejn: MANGHA, Kraków 2012

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