aktualita ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH21|04|2017 - 29|05|2017
Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires

The exhibition is focused on the concept of transformation, starting from the alchemical processes, that aim to purify the nature elements: earth, air, water and fire. The alchemists, recognised as the ancestors of modern chemists, worked to discover the way the world is made and to modify its structure.
House of Nature of Litovelské Pomoraví / Sluňákov - The Olomouc Centre for Ecological Aktivities, The Czech Republic

20.09.2014 - 09.09.9999

Earth work
783 35 Horka nad Moravou, The Czech Republic


Model of The Solar Mountain outside/inside, 2013

Solar Mountain, 2014

General layout of The Solar Mountain area – ideal, 2008


Milos Sejn: Solar Mountain, 2014 / videopresentation

Layout of The Solar Mountain cupola, 2013

State of the internal space of the day 06/08/2014

Solar Mountain, finished interier, 2014

Solar Mountain, from the construction process, 2013

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