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In Art, Space, Ecology, internationally renowned curator and critic John K. Grande interviews twenty major contemporary artists whose works engage with the natural environment. 
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Works from 1984 - 1988

Catalogue for the "Works from 1984 - 1988" exposition in Liberec, autumn 1988.

8 Pages
6 ill., portfolio, 206 x 280 mm.

Author: Jiří Valoch
Date of publication: November 1988
Editor: Okrresní kulturní středisko v Liberci, Malá výstavní síň
First printing of 500

The creation of Miloš Šejn is motivated and determined by his need to articulate the reciprocity o f the natural and the human, to make his personal relation to nature more communicable and to give it a more common validity. Nature is for the artist an absolute quality and value and he enters it not as observer, but as participant.

Extract from text by Jiří Valoch

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