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I touched the grass and was everything, heard everything, saw everything and was felt by everething, 1967  
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Colorvm Natvrae Varietas

Miloš Šejn
Colorvm Natvrae Varietas
remarks on colours and sounds
Macintosh and PC CDROM - PowerPC Required, 16bits Colour and Sound, QuickTime 4 installed

Production credits:
CDROM Colorum was conceived in 1998–1999 as a result of the cooperation between the artist, the Centre for Metamedia in Plasy and the Centre for Culture and Communication "C3" in Budapest.
Design and concept: Miloš Šejn
programming: Robert Langh, Miloš Šejn
Assistance, Production and Sound Advisor: Miloš Vojtěchovský
texts: Miloš Vojtěchovský, Václav Cílek, Pavlína Morganová, Miloš Šejn
translations: Jo Williams, Simona Mehnert, Vera Chase, Simon O\'Flynn, Osamu Okamura, Daniel Morgan, Hynek Zlatník
booklet layout: Hedvika Moravcová
printed by: GTA.s.r.o.
published by: C3 Budapest
distributed by: Miloš Šejn, Pod lipami 906, 50601 Jičín, the Czech Republic; C3 – Centre for Culture and Communication, Budapest; Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague.

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