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Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada

In Art, Space, Ecology, internationally renowned curator and critic John K. Grande interviews twenty major contemporary artists whose works engage with the natural environment. 
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book 3
Work of Roman Koucký Architects from 2000-2004
Three major competition entries:
Embassy of the Czech Republic in London
House U zvonu in Plzeň
Infocentre, National Gallery in Prague
Texts by Roman Koucký, Šárka Malá, Jana Tichá, and Miloš Šejn

132 pages 155 x 155 mm, over 200 illustrations
Editor: Zlatý řez, s. r. o.

ISBN 80-902810-4-4
Price 14 USD Europe, 16 USD overseas

Bohemiae color
The territory of the Bohemian basin, the Czech Republic, Bohemice is - not only thanks to its geological formation - an exceptional place, indicated on ancient maps as the blossom of a rose ar as the heart of all Europe. It is a place with memory, recorded here in the red of the first rays of dawn, or of blood. It is a centre. The Czech Republic is a prism where the convergence of the lines of force from the landscapes of Europe are dispersed into a gigantic palette of the shades of its sands, soils, slates, micas, tuffs, and granites. We can say that the heart of Europe is in actual fact multi-coloured and opalised. Such a colour scale is not merely the reality of the country, but equally its fully valid symbol, in its diversity pointing the way to the future. It is our wealth in the most intimate sense of the word.
This sum total of colours is a good ambassador, bearing the open tidings of the entire Earth.

Extract from text "Embassy of the Czech Republic | London, UK"

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