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Venice Telepathic Bodies / 177th days presentation of Milos ŠEIN in Venice as a Cloud, Water spray and Coldness 
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Catalogue for the "MLAKA - Be/Witching by the Bohemian Forest" exposition in Pilsen, Galerie města Plzně, summer 2002
czech, english
Galerie města Plzně

Be/Witching by the Bohemian Forest

the marsh is a place where earth and water mingle

the marsh is a spring
encircling to the heights
and a staircase softly descending to the laid tables of the rocks below

the colour of the marsh is green and dark red

a pulsating marshy place
flickering white to pale gold
ascending like echoes of shadows

calm water becomes black in rainbow shades
of the depths of woods

formations of the earth, plants and animals grow through each other, and our sight is never-ending sliding along stratifying outlines, all around in and out

we are becoming
by rocking, returning, dissolving, flashing
if we look towards the eyes of the marshes

tiny hands, legs, back, eyes, genitals

one being permeates another and another and another creates chains drifting through space without end

an indication of seclusion is pallor and lack of moisture

plant or animal
becomes fragile and vulnerable

the living marsh is an eternity

the marsh is the mingling of water and a place
like the body of the earth



the marsh is a challenge
and calling of bodies

the only colour
of the continuous change of chill and blood

the only form and the only formation
blossom and root of the immediate place

cones of the sense of smell searching in the depths of photosynthetic nights
wrinkling skin
opens to the landscape of dreaming

by sticking the watery soil to my toes
I am becoming green
running in blotches of clouds
I am becoming a rainbow perfume
like someone dead from the primeval forest
wafting pale
as I burn
by the ravines
by light fibres
I am thundering
blackly and awesomely
by head and foot

cut by the moon
I blaze with algae
by fiery cask
as I fall
through images of mists
by wolves
of waves

the march is a dreamy place

a source of light

I am only a man and unable to say much more

but when a woman becomes a spring for the moment
her body shines
like the marshes glow in the myths of us, humans

the marsh

Miloš Šejn

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