aktualita MEMORY DEPOSIT06|03|2024 - 27|04|2024
Jilská 14, Praha

The MEMORY DEPOSIT exhibition is conceptually designed as an intuitive authorial mini-retrospective. It mixes references to civilization (antiquity) and persona! memory (references to the artist's mother and father).


Between 1984 and 1988, about fifty large drawings on paper were made in the landscape. "Above the Earth" is a 1.5 x 2.5 m drawing from 1986. Sejn laid the paper on the floor, gathered minerals, plants and stones in the immediate vicinity to work with them on the paper. Since the paper only formed a thin layer, the structure of the base became clear from the pressure that Sejn exerted when the pigments were incorporated. A frottage was created. The shape and color of the drawing was obtained in a direct process from the landscape and with the materials of nature. The drawing was an image of the immediate surroundings that the artist had chosen. In order to capture nature, he no longer needed to be implemented by the artistic craft, he worked directly on site. The drawing took shape over the course of individual physical processes of the artist.
In the video recording "On the Top of the Mountain" from 1988 you can follow the creation of such a drawing. Sejn entered the strips of paper (about 4.5 x 5 m) placed next to each other, which lay above the summit of Mount Zebín. He started by rubbing dirt into the paper, then threw stones that left marks and tears. With mud in his hands, he strode across the strip and dripped water. Then he rubbed plants on the paper until the structure underneath became clear. He also lit hay and moved it across the surface. In some places smaller holes were made, elsewhere whole pieces burned down. Sejn acted on the basis of internal impulses, alternating fast, aggressive, slow, meditative, with the use of the whole body: he walked, rolled, stretched, burned himself. During this ritual act, Sejn alternately came into close contact with the painting material, with the paper, with himself and with the landscape.

Extract from text by Simona Mehnert, Berlin 1995

Interaction With Landscape / At the top of the Zebín hill, 1988

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