aktualita MY WIFE/S SOUL16|11|2022 - 17|12|2022
Gelerie Petr Novotný

So close and yet she is far from all shades of words. Baby in arms. It is a landscape of traces that disappears into the distance only to wander back into our collective minds.

PERFORMANCES from the late 1950s to the present

Wandering Through Reeds / ME AND THE MARSH WE ARE ONE UNIT, 1958
I touched the grass and was everything; felt everything, heard everything, saw everything and was felt by everything..., August 30, 1967, gelatin silver print, Moderna galerija Ljubljana
Lovemaking Rock, 1969
Rock/Body, 1972
From the series Contacts, 1974
Descending a gorge with a camera on my eye, 1979
Lecture on Art and Society, Feminism, Ecology and Other Things / Performed on September 7, 2018 at the Peform-Made Event to the Tomas Ruller exhibition Sustainable Flashbacks. Prague City Gallery

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