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Mažarná / Definition of Space by Fire

Catalogue for the "Mažarná / Definition of Space by Fire" exposition in Brno, spring 1983.

34 Pages
11 ill., portfolio, 213 x 151 mm.

Curator: J.H.Kocman
Author: Jiří Valoch and Miloš Šejn
Date of publication: 18. 3. 1983
Editor: Samizdat

The key feature of the latest realisations by Milos Sejn is their multitude of layers, the way the author incorporates, into seemingly very simple projects, many aspects referring to various (and sometimes also quite distant in time and type) methods of art work but also various moments of human perception or various cultural and historical contexts. At the same time, they also include the conceptualist need to “communicate the idea as expressive spontaneity or urgency of gesture”, a reflection of the extraordinary sensibility of the author as the need to incorporate it into a structurally more complex, rationally formulated unit. By the way, this tension between the urgent immediateness of a sensitive reaction and the felt need for further more generalising statement was, if I’m not mistaken, one of the key stimuli for the “active graphics” of Vladimir Boudnik. The multitude of layers mentioned above is certainly conditioned by the feeling of exhaustion of elementary and primary demonstrations as brought forth by conceptual art, body art and land art, but it’s also probably the dominating feature of Sejn’s creative kind...
The art work of Milos Sejn from recent years is difficult to classify, it cannot be mechanically identified by any more or less current trends. Its inner difference and structure creates more and more individual solutions; these appear to me to be more insistent over the past decade, as the time of joint programmes is long gone, despite the neo-expressive tendencies of recent years. It appears to me that Milos Sejn newly establishes the question of the appearance and meaning of “open art work”, not only in the mechanical sense, as brought forth by the post-constructivist aesthetics of the end of the 1960’s, but in the sense of its meaning and mentality, as conditioned by the multitude of subsumed aspects and various possibilities of their identification.

Extract from text by Jiří Valoch

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