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Galerie Dům / Broumov

The world gives us little anymore, it often seems to exist only from noise and fear, but the grass and trees still grow. (H. Hesse)

Processual Paintings 1983/1995

Since 1986, picture installations have been created, which Sejn himself calls them "process images”. Thus he emphasizes in particular the time factor of the physical process in the formation of these images. These pictorial installation consisting of several parts of the same size and are polyptychs a felt material. It processes them directly in nature, in the immediate vicinity of pigment sources. His first large painting installation "Traces of Iron" was created in a water spring cave, its spring was saturated with iron settlements. In it he dipped the individual pieces of felt until the color broke into the material. In other paintings, Sejn dealt with the surface of the paintings with mud, charcoal, ashes or plants, grass, elderberry, lichen, fungi, moss, ferns or pine bark. This resulted in different shades of color. The individual painted parts were then assembled by the author into different visual installations.

In the entrance area of the exhibition is one such image installation of eighteen parts with the title "Rock Overhang / Great Skin”. Milos Sejn made them all in one single day, in a continuous process. Initially, he drew intuitively freshly made charcoal over pictorial surfaces that lay directly on the rocks, drawing their surfaces. Lines and signs were formed, in several places hot charcoal fired plastic relief into the surface. It was a long process, a physically demanding job that took more hours to reach the correct color intensity, a convincing density structure. Author worked impulsively in an intuitive sequence of movements. The result is a synthesis of physical exertion and forms and colors of one certain place in the landscape. Sejns movements have become clues that make time more visible as a sequence of actions. In addition to this installation, artist also recorded various sounds from his outdoor stays: cracking of twigs under his feet, stream noise, voices of birds, sounds during image processing. They then became invisible, but in their silence the more intense component of this resulting work.

Simona Mehnert: from the exhibition catalog at the ifa Gallery in Berlin, 1995

Traces of Iron, 1986, pigments in the nonwoven fabric, 192 x 288 x 96 cm

Overhang, 1988, pigments in the nonwoven fabric, 380 x 380 x 95 cm

Clouds, 1988—1989, cyanotypic photographic process and found pigments in non-woven textiles, iron, lead, 270 x 120 x 40 cm, installation at the U Řečických Gallery in Prague

Grand Skin, 1995, pigments in the nonwoven fabric, sound, 285 x 570 x 95 cm

Live Yellow, 1988 / 2020_04_11, lichen Chrysothrix chlorina in the nonwoven fabric, 95 x 95 cm 

Red Skin, 1988, ochre mud in the nonwoven fabric, 285 x 190 x 95 cm

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