aktualita IL SORRISO DEL LEONE / VENICE TELEPATHIC BODIES01|06|2019 - 24|11|2019
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Venice Telepathic Bodies / 177th days presentation of Milos ŠEIN in Venice as a Cloud, Water spray and Coldness 


Multimedial installation for House of Art in České Budějovice, Czech Republic
16.8. – 16.9.   2007
House of Art in České Budějovice
Curators: Michal Škoda and Zbyněk Sedláček
The thematic divisions, that are in Šejn’s work returned in a different variations, are above all the place and the possibilities of its updating, movement - walking (written and visual record), physical touch (trace, imprint, frottage, rubbing of pigment), light (sunlight, fire), collection (collections of products of nature and relicts from actions, as a special motive became criteria of a sorting materials), interpretation of illustrations and texts with natural subject matter, book (artist's, interpreted by interferences).  All mentioned divisions are engaged to the central dynamic significant principle, which defines a position of man and nature; the relationship between sentient subject and landscape as a object it is in Šejn’s working process transmuted into contact providing experience of the unity of the Universe.
Exhibition in The House of Art in České Budějovice is a survey of methods and technologies used by author during last roughly fifteen years.  The exhibition coming - out thereat from the principle of catalogue list and dictionary passwords, it means from enumeration activities, which in a total transcendent attention of spectator.  Beside video recordings from performances and a separate recording it includes visual creation realised directly on the place for this show, works with earth colours, installations of relicts from process works and interferences into historical illustrations.

Extract from text by Zbyněk Sedláček
photo © Jan Mahr
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