aktualita IL SORRISO DEL LEONE / VENICE TELEPATHIC BODIES01|06|2019 - 24|11|2019
Punta della Dogana

Venice Telepathic Bodies / 177th days presentation of Milos ŠEIN in Venice as a Cloud, Water spray and Coldness 
Rivers, Streams, Puddles
03.06. – 07.07.2019 | Galerie AMB, Sbor kněze Ambrože, Ambrožova 729, Hradec Králové

Miloš Šejn & Lada Semecká
Curator: Martina Vítková 
Organizer: Klub konkretistů

I fell through the waterfall by flash and cut the surface with living flow line.
So Dipper bird, which appeared for a moment to the end of the walking  through the Javoří creek in the Giant mountains, told me.

It was a moment so full of elusive image of beauty and bewitching words.

Thus, images are born, which are not only a message, which anyone should be excited about. They are fragments of a living presence.
Miloš Šejn:
From the Diary / July 28, 2018

26.04.2019 – 28.05.2019 | MUO Muzeum moderního umění Olomouc / Divadlo hudby

Water is a significant phenomenon in Milos Šejn's work. Appears almost everywhere. Even the Sun Mountain was built above the stream flowing through it. In MUO / OLOMOUC MUSEUM OF ART – Theatre of Music you can see it on the long white wall in the hall (drawing, writing, painting), water framed and hanging, and a video stream flowing in the foyer.

Right from the water spring
The body of waters bites downwardly there
Where it roots in the deepest subsoil and
Turns its multiple eyes upward
Between grass and trees into the light
From where it was born.
Its being is becoming a shape
And its limbs growing through soil
In the endless folds
Always open embrace for seeing, speaking,
Finger printings and tracks of incoming
For touches the mouth of all beings
On the water surface.
We are also bodies of water
Seemingly break away from this immensity.

Miloš Šejn
From the Diary / October 8, 2014

04.09.2018 - 09.10.2018 | Galerie UFFO, Trutnov

Milos Sejn, Becoming The Maple Brook, acrylic on canvas, 160 x 2500 cm, detail
Galerie UFFO
Náměstí Republiky 999
541 01 Trutnov
Czech Republic

02.08.2017 - 10.08.2017 | SODA GALLERY OF CONTEMPORARY ART / Bratislava

My event and pemanent intervention in the Viktor Fucek's exhibiton shoul be a very free paraphrase of Joseph Beuys cult action of 1965, this time defined by the title “How to explain images to an invisible interspace”.

SODA Gallery

Milos Sejn: MANGHA, Kraków 2012

Performance Art of Sixties in East Bohemia
26.04. – 16.06.2019 | Orlická galerie v Rychnově nad Kněžnou
Kolowratská 1, 516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou

curated by Karel Jaroš

Miloš Šejn: I touched the grass and was everything, heard everything, saw everything and was felt by everething, 1967
Grafika roku 2018
03.04. – 27.04.2019 | Galerie Ladislava Sutnara, Plzeň

Miloš Šejn: Wovels For Maple Brook, 2018  
Yellow Rose Fragrance
27.03.2019 – 16.06.2019 | Východočeská galerie v Pardubicích

Visually symbolic game looking across artistic positions and directions of symbolism of flowers, growth, biological or purely transcendental, explicit or just imagined, as a latent, marginal or, conversely, developed and bearing theme appearing in the works of a number of well-known or lesser-known 20th century authors follows the exhibition "Flowers of Desire and Evil", which took place in 2017 at the GMU in Hradec Králové. The project for the spaces of the House of Jonáš uniquely links the rich collections of three nearby institutions: The Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové, the Central Bohemian Gallery in Kutná Hora and the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice. The cooperation of three major collections allows the story to unfold show significantly greater breadth and depth, but at the same time it is also a probe into the nature and composition of these funds, dipping deep into the secrets locked depositories and collection acquisitions mined over several very different decade of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. The exhibition at the symbolic level lends its title from one of the late pastels in the region anchored fine art mystic Karel Malich.

Curators: Petra Příkazská, Vanda Skálová
Miloš Šejn: Awake Dreaming / performance recording, 1968 
Miloš Šejn: Percussit per Flavo, 2019
Miloš Šejn: Burning Roses, digital prints on glass, a part of ceiling-pane at vestibule of Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic 2003 - 2004 

I desire for a long time -
to paint wild roses
(which are yellow and red).
I went through every gardens and I found nothing!!!

Josef Mánes, 1870

03.02. – 27.02.2019 | Nadace Hollar, Obecní dům v Praze, náměstí Republiky 1090/ 5

Miloš Šejn: Wovels For Maple Brook, 2018

Theatrum Mundi III
27.04.2019 | Národní galerie, Veletržní palác, Prague

“Theatrum Mundi” is a multimedia project that displays a model of the universe metaphorically as an endless circle of life where everyone is a co-creator and introduces art as a process that makes us what we are. 

Theatrum Mundi III
02.10.2018  | UFFO Theatre, Trutnov, CZ

David Helán & Miloš Šejn

22.09.2018 | GASK / Central Bohemian Gallery, Kutná Hora, CZ

Theatrum Mundi 2.0 will take place on Saturday September 22, 2018 from 15 am to 6 pm in GASK in Kutna Hora.

The following performances are: Lenka Klodová, František Kowolowsky, Gaby Bila-Gunther, Martin Zet, Jana Orlová, Kateřina Olivová, Marie Zandálková, © Merry, Jiří Surůvka, David Helan a Miloš Šejn, Johana Střížková, Petra Pětiletá, Markéta Garai, Ladislav Vondrák, Vladimír Havlík, Mira Gáberová, Mojmír Pukl, In sáček veritas, Jennifer Helia De Felice, Elis Unique, Markéta Ježová a Tereza Froncová, Katarina Kadijevic, Aneta Jaurisová, Filip Martínek, Mariana Kuželová, Tereza Sosíková, Jan Škrob, Helena Machová, Jan Běhounek

Concept author for Gask: Darina Alster
Curator Veronika Maresova
Sound: Anja Kaufmann
Installation: Michal Kindernay
Collaboration: Pavel Havrda
Acknowledgments: Studio Hrdinů


Perform-Made Event
07.09.2018  | G HMP / Prague City Gallery
3-6 PM
Městská knihovna, 2. patro

Perform-Made Event 
Rivers, Streams, Puddles
03.06.2019 | Muzeum východních Čech v Hradci Králové, Eliščino nábřeží 465, Hradec Králové

Lecture and discussion with Václav Cílek & Miloš Šejn
on Monday, June 3, 2019, at about 10 o'clock in the morning 
Organizer: Klub konkretistů 

Architecture and the Senses
12.–14.10.2018 | Plasy Monastery, CZ  

Seminar, Workshops, Discussion

Agosto Foundation

Miloš Šejn: A Nightingale with a Flat Flight, Path in Translation

I record a moment of the nightingale’s living space. I have entered his house, his home. Reflections of vegetation, overhanging willows, and viburnums on the surface of the water say something of our, yes, perhaps our dialogue. I don’t know what the avian beings truly see and feel, but I am enraptured by the visual impression of this moment. When I wake up early in the morning, I lie on my bed and the branches from the garden stretch in from the window, clouds, the first rays of sun, and birdsong, it’s a perfect situation. Half asleep, loved ones and acquaintances approach, my consciousness is just as much between corporeality as between a dream and the consciousness of the house. I don’t know how the singing birds perceive this moment, and I know even less how long it has been since people have tried to capture this musical stream of speech in their own language – probably since time immemorial. Various languages and dialects hear something different each time. What follows are examples of translations of nightingales from the history of ornithology. And do we hear today at least some of a fragment of the nightingale’s building of a house?

25.08.2018 – 30.08.2018 | S i t e B o d y E x p l o r a t i o n
THE GOLDEN MOUNTAUNS – The Czech Republic & Poland

International Interdisciplinary Open–Air Workshop for dancers and artists exploring the relation among body, art and landscape led by Frank van de Ven and Milos Sejn.

Bohemiae Rosa
14.07.2017 – 22.07.2017 | Sykora/s Počedělice 
Ohre River – The Czech Republic

Open–Air Meeting of landscape painting
Curated by Lenka Sýkorová 

Bohemiae Rosa pointAcademy Archives point

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