aktualita IL SORRISO DEL LEONE / VENICE TELEPATHIC BODIES01|06|2019 - 24|11|2019
Punta della Dogana

Venice Telepathic Bodies / 177th days presentation of Milos ŠEIN in Venice as a Cloud, Water spray and Coldness 

Down the Maple Brook / Zebín Hill

The Giant Mountains, Bohemia

Down to the Úpa river / Black Mountain moorland / The Maple Brook and the glen
River bed built from laid stones / next to the path / the confluence of rivers / mists
walking in drizzle / the confluence / Maple hill
dry watercourse / tributary stream from the sidehill / The Maple Glen
the roar of water increases / a fast-flowing water stream between two / stone walls
the crossing of / two glens
I can hear / the cascades / on the right / but I can\'t see them
the footbridge / I am proceeding / downwards
under the footbridge and the chalet / the brook flows through a stone / wall / the first big boulder
a worn boulder / and the strata
the stream among boulders
the first big  / cascades like / from the edges of a seashell
a wall again / a quieter stream
a hidden spot / among the trees
a man-made footbridge / a little spring / the flow of the creek
beyond the footbridge / the brook divides into two / branches then reunites
water falling / round strata / the direction of water
still water / a sandbank
the flow / turning / under the waterfall
the rich variety / of the shapes / of the river banks
falling / flat water level / bowl-shaped / bulging
a stone with marks / and a laid-down sheet of paper
the sheet of paper / laid on the marks
a rounded rock / and crevices (cracks?)
a hillside brooklet / among the burdocks
in a gap between the rocks / the hillside
the pied wagtail nodding / with its tail
the pied wagtail
a round sandbank / on the bottom / of the pool
two pools / and a footbridge
the direction of the rifts / the direction of the flow
a beam underwater / drops on the water surface / roaring / the river bank
the plenitude of cascades / S-shaped stream bed
the sandbank
a deep / pool
in front of me / the water / I am standing behind / the gaps / a rock !! / in the hillside
bent from / the rock toward the water
laid-down / stones / under the beams / round rocks
the continuity / of the flow
the level / of the flow / a pool / a pool / slant edges / and falling / water steps
at the bottom of the pool
the elastic stream / of water and the spray across / the rock step
water falling over prone walls
(across the stones) / into the deep / gorge
rounded / bottom / (mighty) waters (falling) down (in the cascades) / bare sharp falling / prone / crazy impression
the breaking off / of the overhangs / of the river banks
a rock / behind me
above / the roar
a stone / a mark / the blue depths / under water / the spraying / of water
the continuity / of the rock
the continuity of the rock / the shape of water / further continuity is born / walls after the crossing / down to the canyon / without the relation of the image / to the connection above
the river canyon
next I need to go around / the inaccessible hillside
sharp / boulders in / the hillside / over the stream / I am climbing
trees bent / over the brook
a quieter view / from the way down - sandbanks, stones
the (growing) river Úpa valley emerging
quiet sandbanks under / the hillside / the way of water
extending wide / alluvia / leaves
water deep / beside / the opposite hillside emerging / as I go down
almost hidden / in the undergrowth / extending wide
smaller steps again / more in anticipation of / the roar
creeping down to the river bed / a pass

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