aktualita ART SPACE ECOLOGY15|10|2018 - 15|10|2018
Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada

In Art, Space, Ecology, internationally renowned curator and critic John K. Grande interviews twenty major contemporary artists whose works engage with the natural environment. 

Down the Maple Brook / Zebín Hill

The Giant Mountains, Bohemia

Down to the Úpa river / Black Mountain moorland / The Maple Brook and the glen
River bed built from laid stones / next to the path / the confluence of rivers / mists
walking in drizzle / the confluence / Maple hill
dry watercourse / tributary stream from the sidehill / The Maple Glen
the roar of water increases / a fast-flowing water stream between two / stone walls
the crossing of / two glens
I can hear / the cascades / on the right / but I can\'t see them
the footbridge / I am proceeding / downwards
under the footbridge and the chalet / the brook flows through a stone / wall / the first big boulder
a worn boulder / and the strata
the stream among boulders
the first big  / cascades like / from the edges of a seashell
a wall again / a quieter stream
a hidden spot / among the trees
a man-made footbridge / a little spring / the flow of the creek
beyond the footbridge / the brook divides into two / branches then reunites
water falling / round strata / the direction of water
still water / a sandbank
the flow / turning / under the waterfall
the rich variety / of the shapes / of the river banks
falling / flat water level / bowl-shaped / bulging
a stone with marks / and a laid-down sheet of paper
the sheet of paper / laid on the marks
a rounded rock / and crevices (cracks?)
a hillside brooklet / among the burdocks
in a gap between the rocks / the hillside
the pied wagtail nodding / with its tail
the pied wagtail
a round sandbank / on the bottom / of the pool
two pools / and a footbridge
the direction of the rifts / the direction of the flow
a beam underwater / drops on the water surface / roaring / the river bank
the plenitude of cascades / S-shaped stream bed
the sandbank
a deep / pool
in front of me / the water / I am standing behind / the gaps / a rock !! / in the hillside
bent from / the rock toward the water
laid-down / stones / under the beams / round rocks
the continuity / of the flow
the level / of the flow / a pool / a pool / slant edges / and falling / water steps
at the bottom of the pool
the elastic stream / of water and the spray across / the rock step
water falling over prone walls
(across the stones) / into the deep / gorge
rounded / bottom / (mighty) waters (falling) down (in the cascades) / bare sharp falling / prone / crazy impression
the breaking off / of the overhangs / of the river banks
a rock / behind me
above / the roar
a stone / a mark / the blue depths / under water / the spraying / of water
the continuity / of the rock
the continuity of the rock / the shape of water / further continuity is born / walls after the crossing / down to the canyon / without the relation of the image / to the connection above
the river canyon
next I need to go around / the inaccessible hillside
sharp / boulders in / the hillside / over the stream / I am climbing
trees bent / over the brook
a quieter view / from the way down - sandbanks, stones
the (growing) river Úpa valley emerging
quiet sandbanks under / the hillside / the way of water
extending wide / alluvia / leaves
water deep / beside / the opposite hillside emerging / as I go down
almost hidden / in the undergrowth / extending wide
smaller steps again / more in anticipation of / the roar
creeping down to the river bed / a pass

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