aktualita Bohemiae Rosa25|08|2017 - 31|08|2017
The Olomouc Centre for Ecological Activities

International Interdisciplinary Open-Air Workshop for artists and dancers exploring the relation between body, art and landscape led by Frank van de Ven and Milos Sejn / guest artist Günter Heinz 

Subrosa Lutea

Burning Roses 
digital prints on glass, a part of ceiling-pane at vestibule of Gallery of Contemporary Art, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
2003 - 2004

The Support Credit Institution building was built in late secession style based on the design of the important Czech architect Osvald Polívka in 1911 - 12. On the entrance facade are bronze statues made by Ladislav Šaloun, Allegory of Trade and Harvest. The building´s interior retains its original look, with just a few, small adjustments, the ground floor foyer and interiors of the first floor (stucco decoration, glass case).

The space on the ground floor is arranged for giving exhibitions, on four floors a wide, permanent exhibition of Czech fine art in 20th century is established. The exposition follows the evolution of Czech fine art from the turn of 19th and 20th century up to today. All the important art trends and tendencies, which have had an impact on forming modern and current Czech fine art, are also represented there.


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